A bit about me, Elease Layman, Independent Educational Consultant

Educational Background.

A 2002 graduate and valedictorian of Westminster Schools of Augusta in Georgia, I went on to earn my Bachelor of Arts with distinction from the University of Virginia in classics and in religious studies in May 2006.  My academic life at UVa was marked by some dabbling in the Curry School of Education, a summer abroad in Rome via the University of Georgia's classics department, several graduate-level courses, and a minor in history. I'm currently completing courses to earn an Independent Educational Consultant certificate from the University of California, Irvine.

Professional Experience.

Georgetown Learning Centers (GLC) in northern Virginia was my professional home for nearly six years.  My time in this small, thriving company has proven invaluable to me as I have developed my own independent business. Since starting that business in June 2011, I have provided SAT, ACT, and PSAT prep to hundreds of students through one-on-one tutoring, often via online video chat.  As the official test prep partner of Westminster Schools of Augusta, I have also conducted test prep courses in person in Augusta, Georgia, along with seminars for parents and students on topics such as the SAT vs. the ACT, the redesigned SAT, and crafting a college application essay. Starting in Fall 2015, I began a partnership with the Richmond County School System, teaching courses in some of its high schools and training RCSS teachers to deliver the LCC SAT curriculum directly to students. Additionally, the 2016-2017 school year saw LCC expand to provide services through Vail Christian High School in Edwards, CO.

In March 2015, I broadened my business focus to include college consulting. In July 2015, I attended IECA's Summer Training Institute as part of my professional development in this area. This conference provided essential guidance, tools, and motivation for me! In August 2015, I was accepted into IECA as an Associate Member. In September 2015, I became a SACAC Member and in October 2015, a PCACAC Member. The last conference I attended was SACAC's annual conference in April 2016; next on the calendar is IECA's semi-annual conference in November 2017. I continue to grow and learn through my UC-Irvine courses, independent reading, networking, campus visits, and experiences with students.

Personal Life.

During one of my first weekends at the University of Virginia, I met Matt Layman, who would later become my husband. We were married in Augusta, Georgia, in January 2007 and settled in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In June 2011, we bought a house in Frederick, Maryland. Since then, we have welcomed two children: Mark in July 2012 and Faye in June 2014.  We're members of New Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Frederick, where I organize Ladies' Night Out events. I also enjoy participating in the neighborhood book club I began in April 2014. You can follow my reading and connect with me on Goodreads! Every couple months I also haul out tons of photos, memorabilia, and scrapbooking supplies to work on our family albums and travel scrapbooks.