Lessons from Morocco: Part 1 of 3

My husband and I just returned from a week spent in Morocco.  Africa finally got to meet me!

I am not what some might call well-traveled, but I guess that depends on one's perspective. I've never been west of Dallas, but I've been in pretty much every state east of Texas.  I haven't seen Mexico, but the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is nice.  Italy enjoyed my presence for 6 weeks in college, but the only other country in Europe I've been in is France, if one counts the Paris airport.  And now Morocco--and, consequently, AFRICA!

Most of the trip I spent not thinking about work, but what I do (working with high school students) remains part of who I am.  As I look towards my future role of college consulting, I pulled some observations from this trip which are somewhat relevant.  Here's the first (more to come in future posts):

Get out of the US!

It has been nearly 10 years since my study abroad in Rome, but I remember that when I came back someone said to me, "You studied abroad this summer, right? You can always tell--it changes you." And he was right.  World perspective shifts.  The world gets bigger and smaller at the same time.  Others are just like me, but not like me at all.

This trip was a refresher course for me in global perspective--a perspective I hope all students experience at some point, either by attending college abroad or by studying abroad for a short time.

If you're planning to attend school in the US, consider colleges' internal study abroad programs, their willingness to work with external programs, and how study abroad might complement your intended major.  College study abroad programs offer unique opportunities to travel which can be funded by scholarships, educational loans (if you're open to that), and grants.  These are all funding sources that will not be available after graduation.  Take advantage of them and explore!