What We Do

College Consulting Services

We meet students wherever they are on their paths to college or other post-secondary destinations. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Making the most of high school years, from a college admissions perspective

  • Cultivating a list of good-match colleges, balanced in academic, social, emotional, and financial fit and in likelihood of admission and financial aid

  • Discovering best-fit careers through aptitude and interest assessments via YouScience

  • Completing applications that best reflect the student's identity, including guidance through the college essay process*

  • Navigating financial aid

  • Planning for creative post-secondary experiences (gap year, planned transfers, wherever a student's personal path may lead)

*All written application work is the student's own. We're not applying to college; the student is. Layman College Consulting abides by IECA's Principles of Good Practice.


From $350

These years are all about college planning and awareness. We help early high school students make decisions that will serve them well at application time, balancing the need to be aware of college impacts and to enjoy the transition to high school.



In junior year, college identification starts. There are over 3,000 four-year colleges in the US (plus thousands more internationally). We work closely with our juniors to develop a list of colleges where they will be pushed but not shoved; where they will be happy; where they will thrive.


$120 per hour

Applications, essays, recommendations, resumes--the to-do list items for seniors can sometimes feel overwhelming. We provide our seniors with accountability, application advice, essay guidance, and--most importantly--a calming presence.

This is a student's personalized path to college.

Test Prep Services

See service descriptions for instructor (Associate Tutor or Elease Layman).