See what parents and students are saying.

Catherine has heard from all schools and was accepted to all. Your help certainly got her there!
— Amy P. (mother of Catherine, Class of '16)
Thanks a million for all your help in getting Nina prepared for this first test. I think she is in the best possible position to do her very best.
— Alex McCallie (WSA College Counselor & father of Nina, Class of '13)
I just wanted to say thank you SO MUCH for all you’ve done to help me prepare for the SAT and ACT. ...I never thought my math score would be better than my English but here we are! Thank you so much for all the help and will definitely tell all my friends to take your class!!
— Ellie L. (Class of '18)
I am so glad that we found you! Worth every penny, and more importantly, worth every minute that Martha spent with you on SAT/ACT prep and college applications. MANY, MANY THANKS.
— Tricia N. (mother of Martha, Class of '13)
Hamp’s scores were greatly improved this last ACT. Especially the areas you focused on in his private tutoring. We are so very grateful that you helped him perform at his very best. ... He is thrilled with his scores and credits his time with you as having really helped with Science, English and the Essay.
— Donna B. (mother of Hampton, Class of '16)
Thanks so much for doing what I cannot do!
— Denae O. (mother of Anna, Class of '13)
I want to thank you once again for all the help you gave [my daughter] during this process. I can’t put into words how much your input and advice helped [her], as well as the preparation for tests and application reviews. We could not have done it without you! Your help really has been invaluable!
— Julie V. (mother of Caroline, Class of '18)
[My husband] and I have both noticed what a good attitude he’s had about the sessions with you and how ‘pumped’ he seems to be after each one. Believe me, this is not normal behavior for him when it comes to academics! We don’t know what you’re doing to get such good results, but we’re thrilled to see this side of [him].
— Parent of Class of '17 student
I sincerely appreciate all your help and credit it in no small way as a major contribution to Ian’s successful admissions.
— Chris V. (father of Ian, Class of '16)
Thank you!! I am so happy! Thanks for all your help.
— Caleb L., National Merit Semifinalist (Class of '14)